Ready To Cook Snacks For Your Next House Party

Ready To Cook Snacks For Your Next House Party

Ready to cook snacks for your next house party

You are probably here because you plan to throw a house party with your friends, siblings, and family. Hosting a house party is the most exciting thing you can do to have fun. You might wait months to get the house to yourself and pick a playlist. The one grand silver lining is deciding on the cuisine of party refreshments. Because, in reality, the best party has the best food.

Saving time to make snacks doesn’t mean compromising flavour. Easy go-to recipes have become highly convenient and a requirement at this point. The snacks we’re about to share may look like they took hours to make, but you followed just a few steps to create a delicious treat. This party will be a spotlight, so presentation and taste are important.

Here are our top 3 ready to cook snacks for your next house party!

Chicken Nuggets 

Chicken nuggets are the most popular snack food for parties because they are simple to prepare and consume. Everyone, whether children or adults, universally love chicken nuggets. They can be eaten on their own with various sauces such as chilli sauce, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, and mustard. If you want to try something a little different but still healthy, fry the chicken nuggets, chop them into tiny pieces, and mix them with your salad to give it a meaty flavour. Add your preferred sauce, and you’re ready to go. For a healthier option, you can air fry burger patty and serve them to your guest  guilt-free.

“Chicken” Burger patties “Burger Patty (Coated)”

To make these patties, simply fry them in a pan before adding them between burger buns with lettuce, onions, tomato slices, and cheese for a classic and satisfying burger. You can also have a “make your own burger” counter where your guests can add their preferred toppings. This allows them to truly enjoy the party snacks while satisfying their taste buds based on their preferences.

Chicken  Momos

Steaming hot chicken momos are a delicacy at any house party. The best part is that one pack of chicken momos can be prepared in many ways that bring unique flavours to the table. You can deep fry momos for a crispy texture or steam them for a soft and juicy taste. To spice things up, prepare your favourite sauces and make bbq momos or Chinese momos or pair them with the classic spicy tomato chutney. Nevertheless, you don’t have to put in hours of effort to mould your momos into perfect shapes because Yummyli does it for you! With these chicken momos, your house part is bound to be an absolute hit!

These were our top picks for ready to cook snacks for your house party. You can try one of these or bring all of them to the table to serve your guests a wholesome night full of yummy treats. 

Browse from our ready to cook menu and explore more antibiotic-free snacks that require minimal cooking effort. So add them to your cart and have a memorable, fun-filled night with Yummyli’s ready to cook snacks.

Note: We recommend you consult a nutritionist or a medical expert before consuming fish & meat in case of any allergies. The above benefits are referred to from published online articles.

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