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"Surmai was fresh and yummy"
R Khatri
"Fish was fresh, cleaned and cut perfectly. Prawns were also good in quality and size"
Uchil Family
"Yummyli in Tummyli"
Shruti Sah
"Chicken Masala Fry and Chicken Biryani sourced from Yummyli."
Sheetal Bhise
"Very fresh Surmai and Black Pomfret Steaks, mind blowing!"
Shakti Salgaonkar
"Fried Saundale and Bombil both were nice"
"The packaging was top notch and didn't exude any residue of the fish. The delivery was on time and all the safety protocols for Covid-19 were followed by the delivery guy. The fish was the freshest of the fresh and really good to cook. Will definitely call for some more!"
Dinesh Shetty
Tilak Nagar
"Order No. 1 - Kolambi Bhaat (Prawns Rice) & Surmai Fry made with fish source from Yummyli."
Sheetal Bhise


When putting meat on your plate, we ensure that it passes through all the quality checks. From freshness to cleaning, we bring you meat that is yummy yet safe.

At Yummyli, you get to taste the flavour, texture, and tenderness of fresh meat, without moving an inch. We serve you meat and seafood that is 100% antibiotic-free, chemical-free, and has no added preservatives so that you can experience the authentic flavour of juicy meat.

We love serving you a variety of fresh and juicy meats!

Buy Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish is a great source of high-quality protein in addition to heart-healthy fat. Freshwater fishes contain heme iron, which our bodies can easily absorb. They also contain calcium, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, And Vitamin D. We provide a wide range of freshwater fishes, including Basa, Tilapia Bengali fish, Catla fish, Rohu fish, Sole fish/Lepa fish, Atlantic Salmon, Pabda, and Rupchand fish.

Seawater Fish

They are high in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and phosphorus, all of which the body requires to function properly. Modka, Mandeli, Mackerel fish, Sardine fish, Surmai fish, Pomfret fish, Lady fish, Yellowfin tuna, Ghol fish, Sea Bass, Bombay Duck, Butterfish, Chinese Pomfret, Karli Curry Cut, and Black Pomfret Steak are some of the seawater fish online you can get at Yummyli!

Seawater Prawn

They are also high in zinc, which is necessary for the development of a healthy immune system. Prawns contain phosphorus, copper, and magnesium, which help build strong bones. We offer a wide variety of prawns like tiger prawns, jumbo prawns, small prawns, medium prawns, and large prawns as well. You can buy these fresh cleaned prawns online at Yummyli!

Fresh Chicken to home

Chicken is a low-calorie, low-fat source of high-quality protein that provides essential nutrients throughout our lives. Plus, there are different cuts of chicken with which you can make some yummy meals by roasting, frying, or grilling it. Buy fresh chicken online and feel free to browse from our chicken section if you are looking for fresh chicken curry cut, chicken drumstick, chicken leg whole, chicken boneless, chicken breast fillet, chicken cubes, chicken mini bites, chicken keema, chicken leg boneless, chicken lollipop, chicken liver, chicken thigh boneless, chicken soup bones, and whole chicken skinless and with skin too!

Order Mutton Online

This meat is a great source of Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B12, which help in the production of healthy red blood cells. You can easily incorporate this vitamin-rich meat into your diet with goat curry cut, goat lean curry cut, goat biryani cut, goat shoulder cut, goat boneless, goat liver, goat mutton mince, goat kidney, goat paya, goat brain/goat bheja, lamb curry cut, lamb boneless, and lamb chop.


Eggs have been a staple in meals, be it sunny side up for breakfast or an egg bhurji for dinner, eggs are full of protein and nutrients. Buy eggs online from Yummyli and get them home delivered. Shop Power Eggs by Yojana Poultry to make your egg meals full of power and protein. These Yojana eggs are high in selenium which gives you more energy.


We all have days when we are not able to cook a full-fledged meal after a tiring day of work. This is where ready-to-cook items come into the picture. We have an assortment of ready-to-cook snacks like chicken breakfast sausage, chicken spicy sausage, chicken seekh kebab, chicken salami, chicken burger patty, chicken nuggets, chicken momos, and delicious chicken fingers.

Buy Fresh Meat Combo

When you can get fresh meat at the best prices then why not get a combination that makes your stomach happy? We have handpicked some meaty combos that you can buy online at Yummyli! You can buy fresh chicken combo like Chicken Curry Cut & Chicken Breast, or if you love fish then you can buy fresh fish combo like Catla Bengali Curry Cut & Rohu Bengali Curry Cut.

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