Yummyli white pomfret steak

White Pomfret Steaks


White Pomfret Steaks

1,050 /350 gms

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1,050 /350 gms

Pomfret or also widely known as paplet are distinguished by their flat bodies, forked tail fins and long pectoral fins which are found in abundance in the Indian subcontinent and are commonly found on the west and the east coasts of India. It was earlier known as “pamflet” which originated from the Portugese word “pampo. As compared to other fish, pomfret has less amount of mercury which makes it less harmful. Due to its distinct taste & white flesh texture it is ideal to fry, grill, or use it in gravies and curries and tastes best when they are consumed the same day they are bought.


  1.  STEAKS
    Also known as fish cutlet, fish steak is a slice of the fish which is perpendicular to the spine and is achieved from the fleshy part of the fishes. This cut mostly includes the skins and bones of the fish and are typically around ½ to 1 inch thick.  Fish steak is an excellent cut for grilling, pan frying, baking and is perfect for making Indian curries.

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